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Soul Eater NOT!… like, really. Do Not.

Where do I even begin with this 12 episode trash heap?

Well, let’s start with this: if you care about plot and about the Soul Eater universe in general, you only need to watch maybe the last 3 episodes. If you want a little more, throw episodes 1 and 7 into the mix. But that’s really it.

A summary: Tsugumi Harudori is a weapon who enrolls in the DWMA NOT, or Normally Overcome Target, class. Meme Tatane is a ditzy, well-endowed meister also in the NOT class. Anya Hepburn is a prissy, pouty, tsundere princess meister who is also in the NOT class. Meme and Anya, upon befriending Tsugumi, both want to be her meisters. The series follows this trio’s shenanigans around Death City and the DWMA, while they dodge the conspiracy of a witch taking over under their noses until the last episode.

Now that you know what it is, lemme give you a breakdown of why I think it’s trash:

  1. THE STORY is… almost non-existent. It’s a slice of life anime with a dark-ish subplot to keep it connected to the source material. And even then subplot is really basic and is pretty predictable, and ends so quickly at the end you’re left thinking, “That’s it? That’s all it took?” And I do mean at the end, the bad guy is literally defeated within the last 5 minutes of the last episode. The wrap up was the three main characters on their way to class after a timeskip where everything is resolved while the credits roll… the last minute and a half-ish of the whole series.
  2. THE ANIMATION is pretty standard. Nothing really stands out. The character designs aren’t that unique; just the usual cute moe style typical of slice-of-life anime in this day and age. I think the only thing that caught my attention was how much the girls blushed and how much it stood out against their skin. Anya the most; her lips are probably permanently puckered by the end, and her cheeks red simply from how much she pouted combined with how easily embarrassed she got. Meme could literally blink and her breasts would jiggle. It got annoying really, really fast.
  3. THE SOUND is mostly forgettable. The soundtrack didn’t leave any impressions, and I watched the dub so the voice acting was pretty mediocre. At least I didn’t have to listen to the probably disgustingly high-pitched voices of the Japanese version, considering the majority of the cast is female and ooze moe. The opening theme is pretty catchy, but it wears out pretty quickly.
  4. THE CHARACTERS are, by far, what made me unable to even look at the TV while I watched it for the majority of the series. They are just so damn cliche and so predicable. The busty one is a ditz and basically made for fanservice, but somehow can fight perfectly in her sleep (you know, when she’s wearing the least amount of clothes). The princess is a textbook tsundere who finds interest in ‘peasant culture’, but mocks it every time she learns something new about it. The main character is the single most indecisive character I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching. She doesn’t want to pick between two meisters because she’s afraid of hurting the other’s feelings. There is seriously no other reason. She didn’t even stop to weigh the benefits between the two, she just didn’t want to make someone feel bad for a day and move on. Well, sorry, but you’re a WEAPON, so it’s kinda hypocritical for you to think that. Furthermore, the backstory between Jacqueline and Kim made no sense. It seemed like it was just something the creators threw in there to take some screentime off of the main characters. But since they also appeared in the original series as EAT class students with a good partnership, that little sideplot just made no sense at all. I’m sure it was explained in the manga, but for the anime-only audience, it was really unnecessary. The only characters that were mildly interesting were the two undercover dudes and Sid, who were uncovering the actual plot. The majority of the other characters were very flat, and virtually served no real purpose. Even the main bad guy’s motives were obscure; at least Medusa, Arachne, and Ashura from the main series had clear motivations that encouraged them to do what they did. Oh also, don’t expect much in the way of main series cameos in this; Stein, Maka, and Soul are there occasionally, and Black Star, Tsubaki, and Kid make maybe one appearance. Sid, Liz, Patty are the only ones that make a regular appearances, but only for the main characters’ benefit of keeping them attached to the main series in some way.

“So, was anything good, then?” you may ask. Well, if you had any questions on how normal life for students of the DWMA between missions was, most of them are answered here. We also get to see just how Sid died, and how some of the official operations of the school worked out, from undercover operations to how Death City is secured. Just some little things that make the setting feel a little more complete, but in no way make up for all the time lost watching 12 episodes of this moe crap.

I probably shouldn’t have expected much from it, to be honest. It seemed like a bad idea the moment I started seeing huggy-blushy fanart of the main characters popping up everywhere. I just really wanted to give it a chance because I really liked the original Soul Eater anime. But I regretted it after the second episode, and it just kept building up until I literally had to distract myself during non-plot related stuff just to stay level-headed. It’s pretty obvious to me that it was just made for the male otakus that have the money to by all the sexualized merchandise of these underage characters so the studio could make some money. I thought about trying the manga, but I haven’t heard anything remarkably different from the anime, so I’ll pass in favor of content that won’t make me angry. Overall, I really hated it, and I never ever again want to see anything of it on any of my social media sites ever again.